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November 25-27, 2019: The 7th Austrian edition of this course on energy efficiency and renewable energy in food and beverage production was successfully held in Vienna.
The location and date of the 2020 course are yet to be announced.

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Energy Efficiency Radar

As a reaction to the implementation of the Austrian Energy Efficiency Act, several electronic market places for energy efficiency measures have been developed. Their common goal is to provide energy efficiency measures in sufficient quantity and quality at...Read more

Word-Crowd Crowdinvesting Crowdfunding Energy Efficiency

Crowdfunding for Energy Measures in Businesses?

What chances does this trend offer for the financing of energy efficiency measures or renewable energies in businesses?Read more

Living Model with a Future. Workshop Series

In politics and media, living space and affordable living are frequently discussed. The project team of the research project „WohnMODELLmitZukunft" develops prototypes of innovative, integrated models of living, which are screened for technical, financial...Read more

Energy Efficiency Benchmarks and Brochures

In 2009, EIW started to summarize the results of energy audits conducted in SMEs to calculate sector specific energy benchmarks and summarize the most common recommendations in sector-specific brochures.Read more

EIWInsights - Energy Efficiency Obligation Systems

This issue of EIWInsights  (in German) presents the energy efficiency obligation systems from Denmark, France and Italy, and...Read more


Im Rahmen des Nachhaltigkeitsworkshops in Linz stand auch der Besuch in einem Supermarkt der Zukunft auf dem Programm.

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EIWInsights 01 / 2014

Energieinstitut der Wirtschaft: Eine Zwischenbilanz

Eine Rückschau auf fünf Jahre Projekte und Initiativen mit dem Ziel, an nachhaltigen energiepolitischen Lösungen im Sinne des Gemeinwohls zu arbeiten.Read more

EIWInsights 01 / 2013

Herausforderungen an ein Strommarktsystem der Zukunft

Eine funktionierende Energieinfrastruktur gehört zu den ganz wesentlichen Herausforderungen unseres Gemeinwesens. Um eine kontinuierliche Versorgung zu sichern, stehen in den kommenden Jahren...Read more

Es grünt so grün

Rechenzentren sind enorme Energiefresser. Mit Green-IT-Initiativen versucht man nun, Umweltbelastung und Kostenexplosionen zu bremsen. Gerade in öffentlichen Einrichtungen gibt es dafür Musterbeispiele.

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