Energy Efficiency Radar

This newsletter - available in German language and without cost - focuses on information and updates related to the implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive in Austria, especially as regards the Article 7 obligation. It also includes updates on our activities and projects.

As a reaction to the implementation of the Austrian Energy Efficiency Act, several electronic market places for energy efficiency measures have been developed. Their common goal is to provide energy efficiency measures in sufficient quantity and quality at economically acceptable costs.

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ), the Federation of Austrian Industries, and the Association for the Electrical and Electronics Industries have commissioned the EIW with the EnergieEffizienzRadar, to monitor and analyse the current market news.

The first issue of this publication (July 2015) presented the already active market places and gave a first estimate of supply, demand, trading and prices.

Please follow this link for access to all issues. The Energy Efficiency Radar is available in German only.