Crowdfunding for Energy Measures in Businesses?

What chances does this trend offer for the financing of energy efficiency measures or renewable energies in businesses?

Crowdfunding offers the opportunity to finance a project with the help of a large number of investors making a small ontribution each. At times when many persons are looking for ways to make a positive environmental impact with the money they invest, when it is becoming increasingly complicated for SMEs to access bank loans, and when social media offer new opportunities of communication, Crowdfunding starts to be interesting also for businesses outside the start-up and high-tech scene.

As part of the project GREENFOODS, we have examined the question whether and under what circumstances it makes sense for businesses to look at crowdinvesting as an option for financing  investments into energy efficiency imrovements or renewable energy installations. Since then, the Energy Institute for Business has been following the developments in the field.

Above right, you can download a presentation held at the ECEEE Conference in Berlin in June 2018.